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Submit a story!

The Story Collider is always looking for new stories. If you have a personal story about science that you'd like to tell at one of our live events, or in our upcoming magazine, let us know.

Live stories:

Stories at the live events should be true, personal stories, about 8-10 minutes long. They can range from absurd, hilarious moments, to touching and life-altering. We take a broad interpretation of "science," including medicine, technology, math, and social sciences as well as the traditional science subjects.

Each storyteller will work with the producers to develop and rehearse the story. No prior stage experience or formal science background is necessary.

Examples can be found on our podcast page. Also take a look at our past and upcoming themes to help generate ideas.

How to submit:

Please send a one to two paragraph description of the story; it doesn't need to be a finished piece. Include a brief bio, so we can get a sense of your background.

E-mail pitches to stories@storycollider.org.