"Materials Engineering"
Tuesday the 1st of December, 2015, at Fairfax room at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA
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In May the Story Collider celebrates two years of personal stories about science -- and we're doing it by declaring IAmScience. All through the month we'll be posting stories of people's twisted paths to lives in science, diverse and thrilling stories span generations and challenge traditional ideas of who can be a scientist and what can inspire a scientist's work. Follow on the magazine and podcast, and then come to our massive two-year celebration event: May 22nd at the Bell House in Brooklyn.

As a special treat: Music by The Amygdaloids -- by day: scientists, by night: rock stars singing songs about love and life peppered with insights drawn from research about mind and brain and mental disorders.

Tickets $10, on sale now:
Show starts at 8pm The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY, May 22nd, 2012