"Brontosaurus Claus"
Not even the truth about Santa Claus and George Washington could prepare Carter Edwards for what happened to Brontosaurus.
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Peter Etchells
The next level (explicit)
Psychologist Pete Etchells' father inspired him -- to hate neurons.
Craig Lehocky
Do you always talk like that?
While studying bioengineering, Craig Lehocky discovers he's different from the other students.
The hosts
Special Episode - Outtakes! (And a request for help) (explicit)
Too many Dinosaurs (!?) and a special sandwich. Mini-stories from Story Collider hosts Ben Lillie and Erin Barker.
Saswato R Das
Wrong number
A wrong number to a friend in Sri Lanka leads Saswato Das to the final interview with a famous science fiction writer.
Jim O'Grady
You, me and the monkey (explicit)
Jim O'Grady's attempts to woo his housemate are stymied by the monkey she's training to help quadriplegics.
Deborah Blum
A taste of nature
At age 7, Deborah Blum starts a mystery when she interrupts her parent's dinner party. So their guest, famed biologist E.O. Wilson, investigates.
Victor Hwang
Spacecraft are never late (explicit)
What's the worst that can happen when you let a recent college grad command a $330 million spacecraft?
Eliza Strickland
Lost in the deep
Science writer Eliza Strickland discovers that in the race to the bottom of the Mariana Trench the most important thing is what they leave behind.
Emily Graslie
From landscapes to taxidermy (explicit)
How does a landscape artist become the host of a popular science show on YouTube? For Emily Graslie it started with pictures of a wolf head on Facebook.
Alan Lightman
More than just the equations
From a (mostly) successful model rocket launch to a missed opportunity by Richard Feynman, Alan Lightman learns that the equations aren't the whole story.