"The Downside Of Being The Boss"
John Rennie finds it's great to be editor in chief of Scientific American, but not when all the ingredients of sarin gas are in his office.
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Molly Payne Wynne
An Accomplice To Fish Murder (explicit)
A summer job in Yellowstone National Park isn't quite what Molly Payne Wynne had been expecting.
Bianca Jones Marlin
It's Because She's Black
On the first day of grad school for her PhD, a fellow student tells Bianca Jones Marlin that she doesn't really belong there.
Hillary Rea
A Standard Pregnancy (explicit)
Hillary Rea enjoys her job as a "standard patient" helping to train medical students, until she's asked to sub in on a birth gone quite wrong.
Adam Becker
How To Save Your PhD Supervisor (explicit)
When Adam Becker realizes a visiting film crew is made up of geocentrists, he has to prevent them from exploiting his adviser's work.
Erin Barker
Plants and People (explicit)
Erin Barker's attempt to save a college relationship leads her to a plant biology class where the professor brought an ax to class.
Indre Viskontas
The Man Chart (explicit)
Neuroscientist Indre Viskontas and her friends turn to science to find the right way to date.
Tara Clancy
Adventures in Babymaking (explicit)
The joys and dangers of getting pregnant for Tara Clancy and her wife.
Alex Bellos
Your Favorite Number
Alex Bellos is surprised that people ask him what his favorite number is, so he decides to ask everyone what theirs is.
Bethany Brookshire
A Perfect Mentor (explicit)
Lost after arriving at grad school, Bethany Brookshire is happy to finally find a perfect mentor.
Justin Cameron
A Dangerous Trick (explicit)
Sword swallower Justin Cameron gets an unexpected lesson in anatomy and medicine.