"Your Favorite Number"
Alex Bellos is surprised that people ask him what his favorite number is, so he decides to ask everyone what theirs is.
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Daniel Engber
Distracting Mark Cuban
Dan Engber risks derailing his PhD by constant daydreaming, until his neuroscience research gives him a idea that will revolutionize the NBA.
Eugene Lim
Colliding Universes (explicit)
Cosmologist Eugene Lim is pulled into another world when he goes to help teach after the earthquake in Haiti.
Ainissa G Ramirez
Science vs Football
Materials scientist Ainissa Ramirez never connected with her brothers' love of football until she unexpectedly ends up writing a book about it.
Annalise Kaylor
A Room Full Of Odds
A cancer diagnosis is only the start of the collapse for Annalise Kaylor, but she finds support in an unexpected community.
Alison Hartshorn
Common ground
A relationship bridging the divide between scientists and artists is reflected in a fight over where to store tomatoes.
Jodi Beggs
Kindergarten tycoon (explicit)
Jodi Beggs's mother greatly underestimates how well her kindergartener understands economics.
Kathleen Raven
Science writer Kathleen Raven's unexpected loss of hearing takes her on a journey with modern technology.
Moran Cerf
Finding Fear (explicit)
When he misses the opportunity to work with one of the most famous patients in neuroscience, Moran Cerf takes an unorthodox approach.
Sarah Schlesinger
Experimental Treatments
Immunologist Sarah Schlesinger must try to save her mentor's life with his own work in cellular immunity.
Marjorie Winther
Lighting a fire
As a science teacher, Marjorie Winther has both entertaining and troubling times with her students, but when she brings them to the South she discovers a whole new side of them.