"Stumbling to Infation"
Alan Guth is working on a fairly typical research paper, when he accidentally makes a huge discovery about the origin of the universe.
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I Faxed Carl Sagan (explicit)
David Morgan reaches out to his childhood hero, and connects with an unexpected medium.
“If you're explaining physics to a group of young people, you gain some additional cred if you do it in an ill-fitting corduroy blazer.”
Professor of physics
David Morgan holds a PhD in theoretical high-energy physics from The College of William and Mary. His currently the director of Innovation Lab @ross at the Ross School - a science and technology academy for high school students. He has been interviewed for several science stories on National Public Radio, and in 2005 he received a commission from the Ensemble Studio Theatre and the Sloan Foundation to write a play called "The Osiander Preface". He still can't believe he got away with that one.
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