"My Dad & His Mice"
Erica Ferencik's father left his family to pursue his obsession with finding monogamy in the animal kingdom.
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An extreme self-study (explicit)
Having lost his ambition to be a scientist, Lawrence David embarks on one more research project -- to collect and study his poop. Every day. For a year.
“I wake up, I dread pooping. I'm gagging, and I hear my wife screaming from the bedroom, 'Serves you right for putting feces in our fridge!'”
Lawrence David is a scientist studying the bacterial communities that live in and on the human body. His research on microbes has been published in the scientific journals Nature and Science. He is now a Junior Fellow in Harvard's Society of Fellows, and will be joining the faculty at Duke University in the summer of 2013. Lawrence is also a cofounder of SciKu.org, an online collection of illustrated science poetry.
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