"The Downside Of Being The Boss"
John Rennie finds it's great to be editor in chief of Scientific American, but not when all the ingredients of sarin gas are in his office.
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An extreme self-study (explicit)
Having lost his ambition to be a scientist, Lawrence David embarks on one more research project -- to collect and study his poop. Every day. For a year.
“I wake up, I dread pooping. I'm gagging, and I hear my wife screaming from the bedroom, 'Serves you right for putting feces in our fridge!'”
Lawrence David is a scientist studying the bacterial communities that live in and on the human body. His research on microbes has been published in the scientific journals Nature and Science. He is now a Junior Fellow in Harvard's Society of Fellows, and will be joining the faculty at Duke University in the summer of 2013. Lawrence is also a cofounder of SciKu.org, an online collection of illustrated science poetry.
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