"Stumbling to Infation"
Alan Guth is working on a fairly typical research paper, when he accidentally makes a huge discovery about the origin of the universe.
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Being brave about sex-ed (explicit)
Meghan Groome encounters a young science teachers’ rite of passage: teaching sex-ed. But it's not until her honors class that the full reality hits her.
“These kids, they've been kept deliberately ignorant about the reproductive system. The area between here and here is like one of those blurry boxes in the movies.”
Science educator
Meghan Groome is the Director of K12 Education and Science & the City at the New York Academy of Sciences. After graduating from Colorado College in Biology and Theatre, she desperately needed a job and took one as a substitute teacher at a middle school in NJ. She discovered that had a knack for making science interesting and enjoyable, mostly through bringing in gross things and lighting things on fire (but always in a safe manner). Dr. Groome grew up in New Jersey, which pretty much explains everything about her.
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