"Stumbling to Inflation"
Alan Guth is working on a fairly typical research paper, when he accidentally makes a huge discovery about the origin of the universe.
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As good as our last memory
A neuroscientist looks to her own research to understand her father. (Developed in conjunction with The Moth.)
“People talking about their feelings could be time-consuming, so I decide to focus on a simpler form of human behavior: mice.”
Daniela Schiller
Neuroscientist, Drummer
Daniela Schiller is a neuroscientist at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Her findings about erasing fear memories were published in the journal Nature, and she is the recipient of the New York Academy of Sciences Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists. She has also been telling stories on various stages in NYC and she is a two time Moth StorySlam winner. Daniela is also the drummer of The Amygdaloids, a band of scientists singing about the brain, the mind, and mental disorders.
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