"It's Because She's Black"
On the first day of grad school for her PhD, a fellow student tells Bianca Jones Marlin that she doesn't really belong there.
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Keys to a new life
Single mother and aspiring scientist Nancy Parmalee takes the long route to her PhD.
“I just remember walking out of the grocery store and thinking, 'I am living the wrong life. There is another life out there -- surely there has to be.'”
Nancy Parmalee is a PhD candidate at Columbia University, an aspiring writer, and mother to two grown children. She grew up in Southern California, feeling completely out of place, until she finally moved to NYC to join the kindred spirits who also never wanted to come in when the street lights came on. She is passionate about, science, science communication, sailing, good conversation, and stirring up sleeping hornet's nests. She mislaid her map to the road most often taken sometime in the late 80s, and hasn't missed it.
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