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"Brontosaurus Claus"
Not even the truth about Santa Claus and George Washington could prepare Carter Edwards for what happened to Brontosaurus.
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My Hand Up
This is an excerpt from our art and science show "The Cambrian Explosion". You can hear all the stories here.
“He said loudly, 'This!? You call this art?' while pointing at a giant sequoia sapling I had knit a small scratchy pink sweater for.”
Giant Sequoia, 1997, Giant Sequoia sapling with Shetland wool sweater.
Sculptor Elizabeth Demaray has a background in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, and it comes through in her work. Demaray knits sweaters for plants, upholsters stones, and makes alternative forms of housing for hermit crabs to critique traditional attributions of masculinity, violence and natural/artificial in common objects, and to highlight unexpected connections between the named world and the real.
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