"The Downside Of Being The Boss"
John Rennie finds it's great to be editor in chief of Scientific American, but not when all the ingredients of sarin gas are in his office.
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Brian Wecht
The Littlest Experiment (explicit)
For physicist Brian Wecht, his new baby is the perfect opportunity--to do experiments.
Carter Edwards
Brontosaurus Claus (explicit)
Not even the truth about Santa Claus and George Washington could prepare Carter Edwards for what happened to Brontosaurus.
Rose Eveleth
Looking For Help (explicit)
Rose Eveleth always wanted to be fiercely independent. But sometimes being too independent has its downsides.
Virendra Singh
Farm To School
Virendra Singh is responsible for carrying on his family's farm, but he begs his parents to be allowed to go to school.
Sean Carroll
What Would Stephen Hawking Do (explicit)
Sean Carroll gets a fabulous job offer-to work with Stephen Hawking. Twice.
Carl Hart
My Cousin's Meds (explicit)
When neuroscientist Carl Hart meets with his cousin he wonders about what he now knows about psychiatric medication and society, and whether his own life is a success.
David Kipping
Falling to Other Worlds
A near-fatal accident on a mountain leads exoplanet hunter David Kipping to a new goal.
Chris Gunter
My Prosthetic (explicit)
Geneticist Chris Gunter worries about passing on a rare condition to her son.
Renee Hlozek
Who Looks Like a Scientist? (explicit)
An offhand sexist comment enrages Renee Hlozek, and leads her to dig into how her colleagues really view people who aren't the stereotypical scientist.
Elin Roberts
The Bacon Sandwich (explicit)
A simple interview about a bacon sandwich turns into a national, then international nightmare.