"Separating Cells"
Adam Rogers gets an exciting opportunity to work in a marine biology lab, and see if he really wants to be a biologist.
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Erica Ferencik
My Dad & His Mice (explicit)
Erica Ferencik's father left his family to pursue his obsession with finding monogamy in the animal kingdom.
George Church
Playing With Fire (explicit)
George Church learns a lesson on the power of nature the hard way.
John Dimandja
The First Day Of Class (explicit)
Professor John Dimandja is confused when his class begins snickering on the first day -- until he realizes it's because they weren't expecting him to be black.
Diana Reiss
Who is training who? (explicit)
Early in her career researching dolphin intelligence Diana Reiss began wondering, "Who is training who?"
Uzma Rizvi
Being an Archaeologist (explicit)
At a checkpoint in Iraq, not knowing if she'll get through, Uzma Rizvi reflects on what it means to be an archaeologist. This story was produced as part of the Springer Storytellers series. Hear and read more at www.beforetheabstract.com
Brian Wecht
The Littlest Experiment (explicit)
For physicist Brian Wecht, his new baby is the perfect opportunity--to do experiments.
Carter Edwards
Brontosaurus Claus (explicit)
Not even the truth about Santa Claus and George Washington could prepare Carter Edwards for what happened to Brontosaurus.
Rose Eveleth
Looking For Help (explicit)
Rose Eveleth always wanted to be fiercely independent. But sometimes being too independent has its downsides.
Virendra Singh
Farm To School
Virendra Singh is responsible for carrying on his family's farm, but he begs his parents to be allowed to go to school.
Sean Carroll
What Would Stephen Hawking Do (explicit)
Sean Carroll gets a fabulous job offer-to work with Stephen Hawking. Twice.