"The Man Chart"
Neuroscientist Indre Viskontas and her friends turn to science to find the right way to date.
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Caroline Howe
A life in trash
A trip to India to work for an environmental program leads Caroline Howe to a new passion: trash.
Greg Walloch
A walk in the park (explicit)
A late-night excursion to a party turns absurd and then terrifying as Greg Walloch, who has cerebral palsy, can't jump the fence around Tompkins Square Park.
Sara Peters
Waiting for a seizure (explicit)
With her epilepsy medication failing, Sara Peters checks into a hospital with one goal: make the scariest thing in her life happen again.
Tim Manley
A superhero goes to the hospital
As a six-year old, Tim Manley has to go to the hospital with a mysterious illness. Fortunately, he has his superpowers and his trusty sidekick -- his mom.
Jennifer Fitzgerald
Rocky the Mathlete (explicit)
Jen Fitzgerald finds that the underdog athlete movie can play out in any kind of arena, even math competitions.
David Carmel
The Coolest Thing in the World
A neuroscientist tests the limits of wonder when his own father suffers a stroke.
Margot Leitman
The last thing I heard (explicit)
Margot Leitman faces down doctors, friends and uncertainty when she suddenly loses hearing in one ear.
Aaron Wolfe
Saving Hubble, Saving Aaron (explicit)
Aaron Wolfe escapes the harsh realities of science through the thrilling (and sexy) world of science fiction.
George Lombardi
Don't go in the water
In the Indian Ocean, doctor George Lombardi makes use of the most important lesson his mother ever taught him: floating.
Madeline Huberth
The turtle and the fish
Madeline Huberth confronts the imminent death of a classroom goldfish while navigating the dangerous social waters of junior high.