"Physics Dreams"
Physicist Stephon Alexander feels overwhelmed until the father of quantum gravity himself helps him find inspiration in his subconscious.
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Tom Levenson
Wide open spaces and the long road home
As a young man Tom Levenson tries to follow his deceased father's advice, and takes a wide detour that leads him to contemplate life at the base of Newton's tree.
Deborah Berebichez
Passing on the gift
Deborah Berebichez was told she couldn't study physics because it wasn't for girls -- until she got assistance for an unexpected reason.
Blaise Allysen Kearsley
How babies are made (explicit)
Writer Blaise Allysen Kearsley asks the question: how do you learn about sexuality when no one tells you anything useful, and everyone else seems to know what they're doing?
Matt Danzico
Strangers on the internet
In 2007, Matt Danzico engages in a massive project to show that strangers on the internet can be trusted -- and finds himself in the middle of nowhere with a broken-down bus and a stranger with a gun.
David Gelles
Have fun, be safe (in an ocean)
At ten years old, David Gelles finds himself abandoned and swimming in an ocean with a storm coming. Alone. Except for the pod of dolphins.
Steven Puente
A therapist learns it's ok to cry
A young social worker, working with a military vet, discovers that part of his own shame is one of the most powerful tools in therapy.
Eric Feldman
Molecules aren't real (explicit)
As a college student majoring in Chemistry, Eric Feldman becomes obsessed with a single idea: molecules aren't real.
Steve Zimmer
Lab rats
Steve Zimmer goes back to grad school in a biology lab -- a place where the social dynamics are more intricate than the science.
Meghan Groome
Being brave about sex-ed (explicit)
Meghan Groome encounters a young science teachers’ rite of passage: teaching sex-ed. But it's not until her honors class that the full reality hits her.
Ed Gavagan
They did that to me (explicit)
As Ed Gavagan watches medical students practice sutures on the subway, he remembers his own traumatic experience. (Produced with the New York Acadmemy of Sciences, and Science & the City.)