"Jack El-Hai: Too Close To The Subject"
Writer Jack El-Hai worries about his own state of mind when he spends time in the files of the psychiatrist who examined Nazi leaders.
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Mark Sam Rosenthal
The most natural thing (explicit)
Mark Sam Rosenthal's father teaches him about the birds and the bees, but leaves out the one lesson he never learned himself.
Guy Schaffer
Inside the monkey lab
Guy Schaffer wanted to understand the brain, but the only job he could find was in a monkey lab-- a lab where a monkey attack leads to deeper set of crises.
Julie Kraut and Caitlin Brodnick
The quirks of scientists (explicit)
Two stories of women who confront the scientists in their lives: one by talking to a stranger, the other by being born to her parents.
Elana Lancaster
Modern family planning (explicit)
What do you do if you're a trans woman about to transition, and you might someday want children? Elana Lancaster tells the story of a partner's quest to freeze her sperm.
Mark Katz
A world without mathematics (explicit)
In high school speechwriter Mark Katz made a mockery of the political process when he ran for president of Mu Alpha Theta.
Jeanne Garbarino
A double dose (explicit)
Scientist Jeanne Garbarino unexpectedly finds out she's pregnant.
Logan Smalley
Going west with Darius
Logan Smalley and his friends took a trip across the country that was everything the classic American road trip should be -- except one of them was dying.
Ebony Haith
The new school (explicit)
Grade-schooler (and future America's Next Top Model contestant) Ebony Haith uncovers a shocking secret behind her new special school.
Matt Mercier
The physics of triangles (explicit)
Matt Mercier was failing high school physics, until he started dating a girl whose father was a physics teacher.
Allison Downey
Maternal instinct vs. cruel heartless science
Allison Downey and her husband engage in the classic nature vs. nurture debate -- with their own son.