"The comeback"
Doomed to be the waterboy after tearing his ACL, engineering student Baratunde Cola is determined to make it back to his college's football team.
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Guy Schaffer
Inside the monkey lab
Guy Schaffer wanted to understand the brain, but the only job he could find was in a monkey lab-- a lab where a monkey attack leads to deeper set of crises.
Julie Kraut and Caitlin Brodnick
The quirks of scientists (explicit)
Two stories of women who confront the scientists in their lives: one by talking to a stranger, the other by being born to her parents.
Elana Lancaster
Modern family planning (explicit)
What do you do if you're a trans woman about to transition, and you might someday want children? Elana Lancaster tells the story of a partner's quest to freeze her sperm.
Mark Katz
A world without mathematics (explicit)
In high school speechwriter Mark Katz made a mockery of the political process when he ran for president of Mu Alpha Theta.
Jeanne Garbarino
A double dose (explicit)
Scientist Jeanne Garbarino unexpectedly finds out she's pregnant.
Logan Smalley
Going west with Darius
Logan Smalley and his friends took a trip across the country that was everything the classic American road trip should be -- except one of them was dying.
Ebony Haith
The new school (explicit)
Grade-schooler (and future America's Next Top Model contestant) Ebony Haith uncovers a shocking secret behind her new special school.
Matt Mercier
The physics of triangles (explicit)
Matt Mercier was failing high school physics, until he started dating a girl whose father was a physics teacher.
Allison Downey
Maternal instinct vs. cruel heartless science
Allison Downey and her husband engage in the classic nature vs. nurture debate -- with their own son.
Lou Serico
Researching the funniest virus (explicit)
Lou Serico's childhood dream of being a scientist is tested by working in a herpes lab for his PhD.