"Jack El-Hai: Too Close To The Subject"
Writer Jack El-Hai worries about his own state of mind when he spends time in the files of the psychiatrist who examined Nazi leaders.
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Eric Feldman
Molecules aren't real (explicit)
As a college student majoring in Chemistry, Eric Feldman becomes obsessed with a single idea: molecules aren't real.
Steve Zimmer
Lab rats
Steve Zimmer goes back to grad school in a biology lab -- a place where the social dynamics are more intricate than the science.
Meghan Groome
Being brave about sex-ed (explicit)
Meghan Groome encounters a young science teachers’ rite of passage: teaching sex-ed. But it's not until her honors class that the full reality hits her.
Ed Gavagan
They did that to me (explicit)
As Ed Gavagan watches medical students practice sutures on the subway, he remembers his own traumatic experience. (Produced with the New York Acadmemy of Sciences, and Science & the City.)
Dawn Fraser
One in a million (explicit)
When Dawn Fraser's twin is diagnosed with Down syndrome, their parents decide to raise them as equals -- a task that produced a new twist on the racetrack.
Charlie Foster
The most invasive species (explicit)
A teacher and his study of the zebra mussel reproductive system inspire Charlie Foster to make a dramatic change in himself.
Adam Becker
An astronomical error
Adam Becker's communications with Neil deGrasse Tyson about an error at the Hayden Planetarium lead to an unexpected correction.
Hallie Haglund
To build a fire (explicit)
As a teenager, Daily Show writer Hallie Haglund had a complicated relationship with her English teacher -- one that became even more complicated when they ventured into the wild.
Maija Niemisto
A step from the boat
Maija Niemisto is a director of education on the Clearwater, America's environmental flagship. But when a stranger comes to the side of the ship, it heralds a discovery about her city and herself.
Jim O'Grady
Running from the Bronx
In a high-stakes race in high school, Jim O'Grady draws from his mother's Bronx background for inspiration.