"Physics Dreams"
Physicist Stephon Alexander feels overwhelmed until the father of quantum gravity himself helps him find inspiration in his subconscious.
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Christopher Roussi
Sufficiently advanced magic
After becoming ill during a trip to Ecuador, DARPA researcher Chris Roussi seeks medical advice from a local expert: a shaman.
Helly Schtevie
I made my friends do jumping jacks
A middle school science fair points the way for Helly Schtevie -- directly away from science.
William Garre
Teaching physics, English style
Aspiring English teacher Will Garre is given a chance to teach his own class -- a physics class, and he realizes he isn't going to be able to MacGuyver his way out of this one.
John Flynn
How to escape your blood type (explicit)
As a high-schooler, comedian John Flynn finds a way to step out of his siblings' shadows, on the day his science class is determining their blood types.
Eli Kintisch
Separating chemistry
Having fallen in love with the ability of chemists' to learn about elements by separating them down to their essence, Eli Kintisch has just two obstacles to becoming a scientist: a machine, and another intern.
Erin Barker
Oh, just those four things? (explicit)
Erin Barker struggles with a disease that only makes her give up four things; they just happen to be the four things worth living for.
Jamy Ian Swiss
The universal personality reading machine
In the IBM pavilion at the 1964 World's Fair, Jamy Ian Swiss encounters a computer that reveals a piece in personality, although maybe not in the way it's inventor intended.
Darlene Cavalier
Why not put a cheerleader in the room?
Darlene Cavalier, a former professional cheerleader, had always felt like science wasn't for people like her. But then a chance conversation leads her to learn more about science, and even more about cheerleaders, than she ever imagined.
David Dobbs
Lost in your brain
When science writer David Dobbs is suddenly unable to remember how to drive his kids to school, he sets off on a quest to understand his own brain, and makes a shocking discovery.
Phoebe Cohen
Chasing rocks and bears
While hunting for fossils of some of Earth's oldest organisms, paleontologist Phoebe Cohen and her geologist friend encounter a problem with one of Earth's more recently evolved organisms.